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  The new 2020 guide is now available for purchase!  



Discover how to align your intentions with the movement of the moon to manifest your dreams and influence outcome.


*Monthly calendars with predictive insights


*Use the moon's ingress to schedule meetings, plans, or important events


*Discover when it's best to temporarily put plans aside


*Develop a New Moon Ritual and use journal entries to manifest dreams


*Create a Full Moon ritual and  journal entries to relinquish old situations and

  bad habits


*Understand the influence each moon will have on your life and what areas will

  be affected




                                ($11.99 Kindle)



Coming in November 2019


This is Just a Phase! The Secret Code to Every Moon

Series I:  January 2020


This 12-book series is a follow-up to Magick Moon offering riveting in-depth forecasts for the series of moons that string together the unfolding story that will affect you personally. Each moon carries an encoded message that provides startling predictions. Follow along each month for the new, full, and quarter moon analysis, as well as the eclipses for 2020.     $4.99


Ace of Coins

Ace of Swords

Ace of Cups

The Aces Lined Journals

Keep note of the ace in your hand with these handy lined journals. These 100-page, 6x9 notebooks provide plenty of room for your notes, lists, ideas,  readings, or anything else that inspires you to put pen to paper. Purchase one or all three.      $9.99 ea




I Think I'm the One:  A Self-Love Journal

Whether you're single, committed, or looking for love, the basis of any healthy relationship is self-love. This 100-page, 6x9 lined journal is filled with positive affirmations that gently remind you on the regular to take care of you.      $8.99





Luna Daily Tarot Journal

An important part of tarot practice is continuous study. This 72-page, lined journal inspires you to take note of your readings for daily review making it easy to learn and advance your methods. Entries include plenty of space for date, deck, card, question, and of course, your important messages.     $9.99






Wheel of Fortune Journal

100 lined-pages await your thoughts, ideas, notes, lists, messages, scribbles, doodles. Perhaps your divinely inspired goals have the power to change fate.     $9.99